Schneider Tree Care   2426 Berryhill Rd  Charlotte,NC28208   (704) 567-7755
Schneider Tree Care
2426 Berryhill Rd
CharlotteNC 28208
 (704) 567-7755

Reviews Of Schneider Tree Care

4.96 28 Reviews
Romeo Bomba
Apr 17, 2018

Super fast, thorough, professional and polite. Very impressed and happy to have found my tree guys!

Joshua Milbourne
Dec 17, 2017

A professional company that just happens to do tree work.

Kasey Owens
Nov 14, 2017

Lisa Dyer
Nov 13, 2017

Dennis Corlew
Nov 07, 2017

From the very instant that I called, the response and professionalism was great. Had a question concerning my River Birch, so I called and the person (sorry I don't remember her name )that greeted me on the phone was very pleasant and professional. She scheduled a appointment with Wes Foster. Wes came out as scheduled and right on time and explained to me exactly what was going on with the tree and gave me a few hints as to what he would do in this situation. He also listened to my comments and heard me out. they set up treatment plan and we were on our way. The technician that came was very polite, professional and friendly and the tree now has never looked better. Thanks to all involved. Highly recommended.

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